sec 4 lifeskills camp design

for the sec 4 lifeskills camp design, i was quite interested in the idea of using a necklance to string up the words and also because that it represents the idea of graces. Hence, i used it as my final design. However, i think that i could have developed the other designs better, and made them more interesting . I quite like the idea of the butterfly and the circular font one. The images were editted slightly in Windows Photo Live Gallery.

Title: Graces
Medium: Black Marker, Windows Live Photo Gallery
Size: A3 size
Date: 25 Jan 2009


2 thoughts on “sec 4 lifeskills camp design

  1. Hi Sze Yuan!
    I think your graces butterfly design is really well done, the simplified wings (i suppose?) makes also makes the butterfly look like a flower and it gives me the feeling that they (the wings) are very soft, as if flying in the wind. But maybe you can take note of the lines, cos the thickness on the outline (not the patterns inside) of the butterfly is about the same. maybe you can try a variation of thickness to make the logo look more interesting (: anyway, i like it.

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